The return of one of the most beloved Dreamcast games ever is almost at hand, with Sega announcing the release dates and pricing for the various platforms that Jet Set Radio HD will arrive on. Xbox 360 and PC players will get the game on September 19 for 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA and $9.99 on Steam, respectively.

PlayStation 3 owners get special treatment, getting the game a week early on September 11 if they have a PlayStation Plus subscription, though they won’t get a discount and will pay the same as everyone else. Regular PS3 users will still get the game one day before the other platforms on September 18.

Finally, the game will also arrive on the PS Vita for the same price, but it won’t be available until October 16. Fans of the original games should definitely be excited, as the game has never looked so good. And if this sells well, there’s a good chance that Sega will bring back its sequel, Jet Set Radio Future, and possibly even more Dreamcast classics.

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