Soon there may be more on it’s way for Team Fortress 2, particularly in the way of something which is “related” to both RED and BLU teams, and whatever it is, it’s probably going to throw waves of deadly robots at both of them. It turns out that we’ve been getting a number of hints towards this since 2010, and some users on Reddit went through the trouble of compiling it.

Sounds exciting right? The rumored name for the update is “Mann vs. Machine” (in case you missed it in the title) was hinted at recently in a splash mark on the TF2 website. Said splash mark linked to this birth certificate mentioning a brother of RED and BLU, named Gray, whom was “absconded with” after birth. It’s possible that this “Gray” character may turn out to be a mad scientist of some description, and there are even hints in the game’s code which suggest that there will be something along the lines of a Gray team, with a robot to represent each of the 9 classes in the game. It looks like the Engineer will be getting a run for his money pretty soon.

Source: Reddit, Team Fortress 2