The original anime adaptation of the Berserk manga was released back in 1997, with an English version eventually released in the west by Media Blasters. Fast forward 15 years and fans of the series are now finally getting another treat, the Berserk: Golden Age Arc movie trilogy. And as another treat, the original English cast is returning for the project.

Voice director Michael Sinterniklaas spoke to Toon Zone about the good news at this year’s Otakon. With regards to the original anime, he said that, “For anime, Berserk was a series I did eleven years ago, and now there are a series of three films that I was very fortunate to be asked to direct.” Adding that, “I’m super excited about the Berserk movies, those are epic and we got the original cast back.”

The first film in the trilogy, The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King, is scheduled to be released on November 27 on DVD and Blu-ray. It will be handled by VIZ Media, who will also bring over the other two films.

The cast will include:
Marc Diraison as Guts
Kevin T. Collins as Griffith
Carolyn Keranen as Casca
Christopher Kromer as Judeau
Doug Erholtz as Corkus
Jesse Corti as Julius
Michael Alston Baley as Nosferatu Zodd
Michelle Newman as Rickert
Patrick Seitz as Pippin
Rachael Lillis as Charlotte

Source: Toon Zone via Crunchyroll

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