Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Vol. 1 just hit theaters last week and did pretty well. In order to get fans excited, Sunrise has so far released a very nice trailer, and even better a 10-minute preview of Vol. 1. If that wasn’t enough, they’ve now released 11 new screenshots from Vol. 2 that show a couple of familiar faces.

The screenshots can be found below, but sadly they are a bit small. Either way, they give us a pretty good look at who we can expect to see in Vol. 2 of the OVA, dubbed “Torn-Winged Dragon”. Suzaku Kururugi and C.C. will both appear in the second chapter, though their significance is not yet known. More info will likely be released as we get closer to Vol. 2′s premiere, which is currently set for Spring 2013.


Source: Official Site

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