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Now that Deadman Wonderland is officially over, fans of Toonami have probably wondered what would take its place. Tonight we were finally given the answer through a nicely done promo. Toonami is going for lucky 7′s, bringing two shows that while not really that new, are certainly new to Toonami.

The first new show is Samurai 7, a 2004 anime that is loosely based on the classic Akira Kurosawa film, Seven Samurai. Its addition to Toonami has been known for a few weeks, but now its official. It was produced by Gonzo and runs for 26 episodes. Samurai 7 was directed by Toshifumi Takizawa, and its music was composed by Kaoru Wada and Eitetsu Hayashi. For those that don’t know, Wada was the composer for shows like InuYasha, Casshern Sins, 3×3 Eyes and even the Kingdom Hearts series.

The second anime heading to Toonami is more of a surprise, especially since it’s a show that originally aired on Adult Swim, Eureka Seven. The story revolves around Renton Thurston,  a 14-year-old boy whose life is turned upside down after meeting a strange girl named Eureka. He is quickly thrust into the pilot seat of a mech, joins a group of mercenaries, and becomes a priority target for the military.

It originally aired in Japan in 2005 and ran for 51 episodes, followed by a premiere on Adult Swim on April 15, 2006. Fans should be familiar with it by now, but it’s still nice to see it make a comeback. Also, Toonami seriously needs some more mecha action, so both Eureka and Samurai 7 should fill that void for now.

Both shows will premiere next Saturday, August 18, with Samurai 7 at 12:30AM replacing Deadman Wonderland and Eureka Seven dropping in at 1:30AM. Also, click here for a preview of Eureka Seven: AO, the sequel to Eureka Seven which is currently airing in Japan.

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