In a strange turn of events, not only has a next gen Xbox development kit turned up on eBay, it was actually sold for $20,100 after 43 bids. The seller in question goes by the username “superdae,” which many believe is the same person who leaked supposed images of both an Xbox “Durango” dev kit and a next generation “Kinect 2.”

The question remains, though, is this the real deal? The seller doesn’t offer much information about the development kit, only the image which you see above, and that “This item comes with powercables, and a wired controller.” The auction was originally set for 7 days, but ended much sooner than expected, possibly to not draw too much attention and for the seller to get rid of it quickly.

Microsoft has not commented on the situation, but I’m sure if this is the real deal, then they’re paying very close attention. Whoever won the auction, they just better hope that they don’t get some old PC or an empty box instead. The chances of this being fake are very high, but we might just learn the first details of Microsoft’s next gen console if the buyer is willing to spill the beans.

Source: eBay

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