BioWare has given the rundown on their strategy for monetizing gamers as much as humanly possible, and they strongly feel that day-one DLC is a perfectly solid and acceptable choice.

“Fans do want more content. From the moment the game launches. They tend to say ‘I want it now!’ So it needs to be there when it’s ready,” Fernando Melo, online development director for BioWare (pictured above), said at GDC Europe. “They choose when to pick it up, day one or later.”

The launch of Mass Effect 3 included a day-one DLC pack available for download, it was titled From Ashes, and a player would only have access to all of the dialogue options offered from the DLC if they bought it as early as possible. In addition to this fact, the content included in the day-one DLC contained elements which were critical to the lore and the story.

“Gamers are actually happier, as they are able to spend money when they want,” Melo asserted. “People may not want to pay upfront. They may be happier to pay when they are ‘in the moment’.”

Melo stated that BioWare is incredibly happy with the business model and plans to sell bits and pieces of their games in the future because they feel it’s better for all parties involved.

Source: Eurogamer