Niklas Smedberg of Epic Games had some things to say regarding the evolution of mobile technology, specifically the GPUs, and how they are rapidly approaching the power of current-gen consoles. He said at GDC Europe during a keynote presentation that mobile is “starting to compete with current consoles”, and game development is becoming increasingly complex as a result.

Smedberg made note of the concept that mobile development is similar to that of the technology that goes into PCs, in that there are many different specific platforms to develop for. “We have to scale things–we are Epic, we never do the minimum, so we have to scale for high to low devices.” He even went so far as to say that in the future, mobile games will have graphical settings just like PC games, in order to adjust the games to the specific device on which they are running. “In some regards, mobile is way better than console. There’s way more memory, which allows for much higher texture resolutions.”

According to Smedberg, he even went on to predict that the next generation of mobile devices will be as much as 20 times more powerful than what’s currently available today. “On console we were doing 720p”, he stated, “on iPad we’re doing crazy resolutions.”

Source: Gamespot