After the high-profile departures of two lead Irrational developers a few days ago, many wondered where they would end up. Now we know at least where Nate Wells, a 13-year veteran of the studio, is heading.

Wells, who was the lead art director on BioShock Infinite, posted an update to his Twitter yesterday. In it he confirmed what some had speculated after a recent change to his LinkedIn page, that he would be joining the masterminds behind the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog.

How much work he will contribute to Naughty Dog’s upcoming post-apocalyptic title, The Last of Us, is unknown, but his talents will surely be put to good use. Back at Irrational, Wells’ position as art director has now been filled by Scott Sinclair, who was the original art director on the first BioShock. The studio has also added ex-Epic top dog Rod Fergusson to its staff, which should help a lot with the game’s development.

Source: @PrettyLarceny via Joystiq

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