Vigil Games quickly released an official statement in response to Xander Davis’ criticisms of the company, as well as the AAA game development experience. Davis claimed that the UI in the final product of Darksiders II was derived from him almost entirely, and yet his name was not credited for the work because he was fired (evidently for a particular reason).

Vigil expressed that they felt Davis’ accounts of his experiences shed the image of the studio in a poor light, and claimed that his allegations were withholding some information that Vigil felt it needed to touch upon. Co-founder and general manager of Vigil Games David Adams released an official statement regarding the controversy, saying, “We can confirm that the employee in question worked for us a total of 90 days, whereas Darksiders II was more than 2 ½ years in development.”

“When we were forced to reduce staff due to the cancellation of a project, we worked hard to ensure every single person effected by the layoff received their credit in the game,” Adams wrote. ” We did not include individuals whose employment terminated for any other reason, for example, being let go for documented poor performance.”

The statement went on to accuse Xander Davis’ remarks as being “erroneous claims”.

“To reiterate, Vigil’s primary concern while doing Darksiders II credits was that we credited team members that were affected by the recent downsizing. We were not focused on the issue of employees that voluntarily left or were fired from the company,” Adams asserted. “We find it alarming that a former employee would personally attack and lie about other team members while falsely inflating his contribution to the game.”

“What was most disheartening about the statements was how misleading they were, and how they fly in the face of how Vigil, culturally, feels about and treats our teams.” Since we are only going on words, it’s hard to say who’s right or wrong. We are reaching out to both parties for further information.