The conception of this Kickstarter page for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare nearly slipped past everyone, so it’s up to us to help spread the word. Steve “Tibberius” Piggott appears on camera yet again to tell us about Chivalry, the goals of Torn Banner Studios, and why their game deserves more attention.

“When we started this project, the goal was simple: create the best melee combat game ever. As huge medieval fans, we felt really disappointed by the combat mechanics in other games,” Piggott explained. “We wanted to create a game that could actually capture the experience of being on a medieval battlefield.”

“Immediately, you will recognize a difference in pace between our game and other melee games. The action is furious! Players exchange blows in whirlwinds of steel. Each action, individually selected, and pushing the limits of human reaction time,” he said, describing the real-time manual control over the weapon swings with the mouse. He mentioned the balance in the game thanks to the combat mechanics themselves, as well as teamwork, which dictates who wins, as opposed to what weapons are being used (each has a certain specialized use but all are relative, just like real melee weapons would be). Piggott made note of how the game would be welcoming to new players, stating that¬†“you’ll be able to drop in right away, achieve a basic level of success, and also use a control scheme that allows you to become a master swordsman over time.”

Speaking in regards to Torn Banner Studios and their investment in Chivalry, Piggot provided some eye-opening insight. “For the last 2 years, we’ve been working on Chivalry with no outside funding at all. We’re in the closing stages of our project, and we’re all working 80+ hours a week to get it done. We have an extremely dedicated and passionate team, and some team members have literally given up everything to be doing this. At this point, our greatest fear is that we will create an incredible game that no one will hear about.”

The Kickstarter project is currently aiming at netting $50 thousand, and (as of this writing) has already reached almost $10 thousand with 27 days remaining. “I also want to make it clear that this isn’t some far-off lofty goal,” he clarified. “If we can reach our target, you can have the game in your hands in a few months, even before Christmas.”

Steve Piggott decided to close his Kickstarter presentation by sharing some very bold promises regarding the future of Torn Banner Studios, saying, “I will make a pledge that every game title we ever make will be unique, exciting, and bring a powerful experience to the gamers.”

Source: Kickstarter