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The proposed remake of Oldboy by director Spike Lee now has another big name associated with it, the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. The LA Times reports that the actor, well known for his role as Nick Fury in this year’s blockbuster mega hit The Avengers has joined the production, along with musician Bruce Hornsby who will score the film.

Jackson’s contribution to the remake of the classic Korean revenge thriller by Chan-wook Park is small, but critical according to inside sources. He will be playing the man who is tortured by the hero (played by Josh Brolin, another big name attached to the film) during a very important revenge scene. The scene in question is very brutal and involves teeth removal, but this has apparently been changed for the English version, which will go for a different kind of torture.

Jackson has worked with Spike Lee on a number of films, including School Daze, Jungle Fever, and Do the Right Thing, so his appearance in this new film is not that surprising. As for Bruce Hornsby, he also has a history with the director, scoring his basketball documentary Kobe Doin’ Work and Red Hook Summer. Hornsby tells the LA Times that his musical ideas for the film are already starting to slowly manifest. While the tone will be dark, he says that the score “will also run the gamut.”

The remake will start shooting this fall in both Louisiana and New York.

Source: LA Times

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