Dawnguard has now been available for a while on the Xbox 360 and was just recently released for the PC. A PS3 version should be out soon, but it now looks like Bethesda might be getting ready to announce a followup. Their parent company, Zenimax, has recently filed a new trademark for the name ‘Hearthfire’, and this could very well be the name of the next DLC expansion pack.

The filing was discovered recently and anyone who has contacted Bethesda on the matter has been quickly told that the studio doesn’t comment on trademark filings. The word ‘Hearthfire’ is not random either, it’s actually the ninth month of the Tamriel calendar, the fictional world that the Elder Scrolls games take place in.

As to what the trademark is for, the official filing reveals the obvious: it is definitely game content of some kind. The United States Patent and Trademark Office states the following on the filing:

“Computer game software for use with computers and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software offered via the internet and wireless devices.”

As to what this new expansion will bring, it’s anyone’s guess. Hearthfire apparently is representative of our month of September, so maybe we’ll get an official announcement then. Until then, speculate away in the comments below!

Source: USPTO via VentureBeat

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