After leaving his well-paying position at Microsoft in favor of forming an indie studio, Peter Molyneux had some more insight to give on how he feels games should be approached from a developer’s perspective.

“The amazing thing about where we are today, is that the whole world is becoming gamers,” Peter Molyneux said at the Unite 2012 conference in Amsterdam. “I’m bored with movies, I’m bored with TV programs. We’re in the industry, the last entertainment industry that really, truly can surprise people. We are in the industry where surprise has to be at the center of everything that we do.”

He also provided his reasoning for quitting his job at Microsoft, saying, “One of the reasons I really wanted to leave my beautiful, wonderful, safe place at Microsoft was to have a single idea. For me, having one idea that I and my team utterly, completely, obsessively, focus on is the reason that I left.”

Source: Videogamer