Facebook has been running into some rather tough problems with trying to keep game developers and publishers making games for the platform. Apparently it’s becoming a little too costly for a lot of companies to sustain their games on the website due to the cost of ads. A venture investor at Benchmark Capital who specializes in the gaming market, named Mitch Lasky, has shared his explanation:

“Facebook is still a viable platform for independent developers looking to make money on a game. However, companies with aspirations to be larger publishers — Kabam, Kixeye, even Zynga — are moving aggressively off the Facebook platform to mobile and the open Web. Publishers aren’t convinced that the costs of being on Facebook are worth it.”

Lasky feels that Facebook is still a good platform for indie studios, but has said that, by contrast, larger companies feel that they are getting diminishing returns on paying for the ads in order to pull in players for their free-to-play games. Not only that, but Facebook has a 30% toll for all sales generated in games which are hosted on the site.

Numerous larger Facebook game developers have tried to find ways to work around this issue over the past year, either by porting their games to mobile platforms or by launching their own platforms for their titles. None of these companies have actually commented on this, so we only have the word of an investor to give us this idea, but it may hold water. Hopefully we’ll see some official responses in regards to this topic.

Source: LA Times, AllFacebook