In the West, Nintendo has been taking criticism for doing what seems to be the opposite of what they should (from a Western perspective), people have been suggesting that they hang up the hardware production business and just focus on software products. Some recent Japanese statistics have popped up that suggest they may be doing just fine for themselves.

In layman’s terms, the Japanese market for video games has seen better days, and Nintendo could be a major reason why. These latest sales charts show that the games on Nintendo’s consoles make up 70% of the entire Japanese industry, however, it’s not certain if mobile and PC are factored into these statistics, or how much of a difference they would even make.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS is extremely hot in Japan currently, within the past week its sales have rocketed up to 150 thousand, and that added on top of the fact that the 3DS has been hugely successful in the industry as well. So while Nintendo’s business decisions may be confusing and questionable in the West, they seem to be doing everything just fine in Japan. We can’t be sure if Nintendo’s success is due mostly in part to their growth, or if it is simply because the industry is shrinking around them, perhaps it is a combination of both.

Source: Media Create via Games Radar