Frank Gibeau (pictured above), the EA Games Label president, has shared his information regarding the next generation of consoles, whilst Sony and Microsoft have been reluctant to announce any new platforms, many developers and publishers have been happy to disclose that they are developing for these unannounced consoles. Gibeau said that when the next generation of consoles are released “in about a year’s time,” his company will not be making the same mistakes it had before in the technological department.

“It’s a big investment for us this year,” he said. “What you first have to do is start with the technology, the hardware, what’s coming out, and what it does really, really well, and understand what’s going to drive innovation there.” Gibeau said that they had “made a couple of mistakes in how we built our technology,” when speaking in regards to the unsavory start that EA had upon the launch of the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The company claims to be working on 3 to 5 games for the next generation platforms, but hasn’t disclosed any information on them beyond that they are projects being worked on.

Source: Bloomberg via Games Radar