Square Enix has come out with their own game streaming service called Coreonline, and it’s a service which can run in web browsers (specifically Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer). You can access this service by paying money for play-time, or you can unlock play-time for free by watching video ads.

Coreonline has been launched with two games: Mini Ninjas and Hitman: Blood Money. Both games can be played, in their entirety, with ad support. You can choose between ads of differing lengths in order to unlock certain amounts of play-time. For example, a 10 second ad will unlock 5 minutes of gameplay, and an ad which runs for 1 minute will allow you 25 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. The time which is unlocked from ads can be transferred over to any game, and you can watch a lot of ads at once in order to accumulate a large chunk of time. You can also simply pay money to unlock individual parts of the games permanently. You can purchase a level for $0.50 and you can unlock the entire games for $5 and $6.50 (at least in the case of Mini Ninjas and Hitman: Blood Money).

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is set to launch on the service in October, and Tomb Raider: Underworld as well as Gyromancer are expected to reach Coreonline in the near future as well.

Source: GameSpot