Many employees of Bethesda enjoy Minecraft, so it’s interesting that they would try to implement features from said game into Skyrim. Members of the Skyrim team all got together to announce what they have planned for the Hearthfire DLC for Skyrim.

“Being a fan of [Minecraft],” Bruce Nesmith (environmental artist) said. “Why can’t I build things in our game?” And so Hearthfire was born: An expansion of an Elder Scrolls title which gives players the ability to build. However, that won’t be the only thing which the DLC features, of course. You will also be given the ability to adopt children (assuming you wouldn’t prefer to simply murder them for being annoying) from the orphanage and raise them as your own in your house that you built.

“The idea of adoption came to me after the Dark Brotherhood questline was presented,” Steve Cornett said. “After first seeing the [Innocence Lost] questline, I asked, ‘what happens to the kids? What happens to the orphanage after the quest is completed?’”

So there you have it. Granted there are already a bunch of PC mods for Skyrim which let players do all of these things, and they’re probably better than what Bethesda would produce in some ways, but it’s good news either way. A farming simulator in Skyrim would be something that I would long for, there’s not even much in the way of mods to fill that niche…

Source: Skyrim