price of wii u games

Nintendo today confirmed many things about the Wii U, including the cost of the system and when it’s going to launch. Now there is confirmation that the price of Wii U games will be higher than Wii, costing the standard $59.99 price we’ve been paying for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC games this generation. In comparison, Wii games (even first party Nintendo titles) were priced at $49.99 and below.

While there are likely to be Wii U games priced lower than $60, Nintendo is already making a bold statement by listing the retail prices for both New Super Mario Bros. U and Nintendo Land as $59.99. How Sony and Microsoft will price their next gen games remains to be seen, but hopefully we’ve hit the limit and games don’t start costing what they used to. Anyone else remember $70-90 dollar games during the 90′s?

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