Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lude, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended by dark humor, foul language, and rampant sexism, then stay far, far away. You have been warned.

Yomaru, Rin, and Dotta are back to kick ass and chew bubblegum. It’s a brand new episode and a brand new direction for the show. One that is shorter and more focused on what people really want to hear about: vidya games, animu, and mango. This week we give our thoughts on Inversion, Sententia, and Walking Dead Ep. 3. Then we all weigh in on the manga Adolf by Osamu Tezuka, as well as the anime Zetman. Finally we discuss G4′s rumored makeover/re-branding and break down all the big Wii U announcements made this week.

Anime of the Week: Zetman

Download (79 mins, 55mb)

Intro: Egmont Overture Finale by Ludwig van Beethoven

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[Managing Editor] I love video games and have been playing since the SNES days. My favorite titles include Metroid II, BioShock, Resident Evil 4 and Left 4 Dead. I'm an avid internet junkie and gifted in the ways of computers, but don't ask me to fix yours. Also a big fan of indie movies and anime.