The Final Fantasy series has been on pretty much every conceivable platform in recent memory. One of these was the PlayStation Portable, which didn’t end up being the huge success that Sony wanted. Even with its low popularity, the system still got two original RPG games from the series (along with plenty of ports and remakes of older titles).

First off was Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a prequel to… well Final Fantasy VII. This was followed by the yet to be localized Final Fantasy Type-0, which was originally called Final Fantasy Agito XIII and part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. The director of both games was Hajime Tabata, and after working on the PSP, he’s very interested in the PlayStation Vita.

He spoke of his interest in a recent interview for the PlayStation Awards 2012. Tabata is particularly impressed with the hardware of the system and its ability to produce high quality visuals.

“I had an impression [that] it was an exceedingly good piece of hardware,” said Tabata. “Since I [had been] making Final Fantasy titles on the PSP, I have an interest in [developing] for a larger device. As someone concerned with game production, there is nothing other than the Vita that offers that largeness, high density and luminescence, and ability to [render] high-quality images.”

While the Final Fantasy series is seen by many fans to be in decline, the games continue to sell quite well. Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel XIII-2 have sold a combined total of over 9.6 million copies as of July of this year. With the Vita currently suffering the same fate as its predecessor, having a handheld Final Fantasy game just might be what it needs.

Source: PlayStation Awards 2012 via GameSpot

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