Square Enix has been experiencing an unfavorable forecast in their most recent fiscal quarter, due mostly in-part to the unexpectedly low sales of Sleeping Dogs. The game sold fantastic at first, racking up 300 thousand sales within the first month, but after that it just began to fall, and Squenix isn’t drawing a profit yet.

It’s estimated that the company has lost approximately ¥5.4 billion (which translates to $67.8 million). That’s obviously a pretty big loss, but despite this turbulence, Square Enix doesn’t seem to be putting on the brakes for this game just yet.

Dan Sochan, producer of Sleeping Dogs, spoke recently in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine about Square Enix’s plans for the game in the immediate future, saying that they, “from the very beginning, were showing that they believed in us and believed in this game as a potential franchise.” Naturally, the company was planning for extra content to be developed and released for the title post-launch, and according to Sochan, Square Enix has “six months total DLC planned” for Sleeping Dogs, DLC packs which will “explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema and ones that are a little more serious.”

So we’ll see how well this game fares in the coming year, I do personally hope that it is successful, but only time will tell. Maybe Square Enix’s better days won’t be far off.

Source: Gamasutra, Official PlayStation Magazine