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Some frequent browsers of’s video game board /v/ got together to pay a visit to Gabe Newell at Valve for his birthday. They sold him a real-life Mann Co. crate for $2.50, complete with a TF2 hat for him as a gift. After all that wonderful tomfoolery, Gabe and company decided to stick around and talk with everyone. Newell expressed, right off the bat, that he would be happy to answer any questions that aren’t related to Half-Life 3, and on that note, the first question that was asked addressed a recently common curiosity: “Is Valve working on a new Source engine?”

“We’ve been working on new engine stuff for a while,” Gabe replied. “We’ve just been waiting for a game to roll it out with.” Following his answer, another person requested elaboration, asking, “Is it more than just an extension to Source? Like, is it an entirely new engine?” To which Newell answered, “Yeah.”

The curiosity surrounding the next source engine surfaced recently when a teaser image was discovered hidden in the code of the Source Filmmaker, and this is really the first official statement regarding its development and legitimacy since then. Oh and according to Gabe, Ricochet 2 is in development; though, that may still just be a joke.

Source: DeepSpaceBass1 via Joystiq