The 2012 Spike Video Game Awards has revealed its current top-nominated games. The overall top games are Assassin’s Creed III, Dishonored, Journey, Mass Effect 3 and The Walking Dead. Some results are unsurprising, while others may very well be, with Journey and The Walking Dead up there, it’s interesting to see “smaller” projects making their way to the top, especially for something as much of a popularity contest as the VGAs.

Now I can’t leave this article without mentioning the nominees for Best Independent Game (because indies are awesome). The list includes Dust: An Elysian Tail, FEZ, Journey and Mark of the Ninja. All very worthy titles, if you had to ask me. Journey is probably the most popular choice of the bunch (just gathering from the fact that it’s in the top 5 games), and Mark of the Ninja as well as FEZ are likely equally deserving of winning. Whichever title gets the award, I’ll be happy with the results in regards to the indie game selection. Let’s look forward to future updates on the VGAs (unless you think it’s dumb and don’t want to).

Source: 2012 Spike Video Game Awards