Scarecrow Samurai is an upcoming Android and free-to-play browser game currently in development by Serbian developer Kobayaghi Industries. At the moment it is undergoing funding through Kickstarter and needs your help in order to reach its goal. Unlike the majority of free browser based games these days, Kobayaghi seems dedicated to delivering a highly polished experience.

The game revolves around controlling a mysterious samurai that is half demon/half scarecrow (hence the name). His mission is simple, to protect the first wheat crop ever planted in Japan against hordes of other demons and monsters led by an oppressive warlord. The game is a fast paced point-and-click action experience and features many levels, hordes of enemies, bosses, weapon upgrades and special power options.

While Scarecrow Samurai is made in flash and employs a 2D top-down perspective, it looks very stylized and smooth even in its early state. The graphics are high quality and the overall direction takes plenty of inspiration from Japanese culture. The gameplay also looks like it will work quite well with a touch screen, so the Android version should be just as fun as its browser counterpart. Who doesn’t like tapping away at enemies and collecting all the loot they drop with your finger?

Kobayaghi Industries appears to be comprised of a small number of dedicated developers who are passionate about their craft, which is definitely encouraged these days. They’re even releasing Scarecrow Samurai in Japanese as well, something that we here at the site can always get behind. The team is hoping to release the browser version of the game by next March, followed by the Android version by the last quarter of 2013.

If you’re interested in the game, then definitely head on over to their Kickstarter page and make a pledge. If you don’t, then the evil samurai raccoons win.

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