Scarecrow Samurai

Scarecrow Samurai is a top-down hack ‘n slash game that is trying to get funded through Kickstarter. We’ve covered the game previously, and now there’s only four days left before their campaign is over. In order to drum up support, Kobayaghi Industries has released a playable demo so players can get a taste of what they’re helping to create.

The demo includes one level and has you fighting off demon raccoons, boars, and crows. It even includes a boss battle against a giant skeleton demon named Gashadokuro that’s certainly no cake walk. Apparently the game features a new boss after every season passes. It’s important to remember that the demo is from very early code and that the developers are still polishing up many aspects of Scarecrow Samurai. Even so, the game feels fast and fluid so far.

It’s a short little demo, but its pretty fun and it gave me a better understanding of how the game plays with a mouse and keyboard. I’m sure it would be even more fun on a touch screen device like my phone or tablet. So go give the demo a try by clicking here. If you like what you see then pledge a few bucks through its Kickstarter page and help the game reach its goal in time.

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