Tomb Raider multiplayer

The Tomb Raider reboot that is set to show us Lara’s beginnings is trying a lot of new ideas, with one of them being a newly announced multiplayer component. While the news was prematurely leaked by a recent listing in the UK, today Crystal Dynamics officially announced that the game will indeed have multiplayer of some kind.

The news comes the Twitter account of Karl Stewart, a Global Brand Director for Crystal Dynamics. While he admits that multiplayer is in, he says that players will have to check out the next issue of Official Xbox Magazine for details.

How exactly Tomb Raider multiplayer will work is anyone’s guess. Could it be a mode similar to Max Payne 3 where it’s everyone against Lara? Maybe a mode where you have to capture artifacts? Or maybe it will just be simple co-op like in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light? The sky is the limit at this point, but once we get the details we will let you know. Until then, speculate away!

Source: Twitter

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