While Demon’s Souls was released back in 2009, it’s still going strong and continues to attract new players to the PS3. ATLUS, who published the game here in the United States, has been the most surprised regarding its success. They have gone out of their way to keep the game’s servers running for far longer than originally planned, and now they’ve announced that a digital version of the game will be arriving soon.

As a way of thanking its loyal fans, ATLUS will be releasing Demon’s Souls as a digital download on PSN next Tuesday, January 8. Even better is that the game will be reduced in price and will only set you back a mere $19.99. Finally, to celebrate the occasion the company will be holding a ‘Pure White World Tendency’ event from January 8th until the 14th. This will slighly lower the overall difficulty of the game and will reveal special content that is only available in this state.

This is a very nice gesture from ATLUS, and continues to show just how dedicated they are to From Software’s hit dark fantasy RPG; a game that we ended up loving dearly. The event is also a nice touch and should help new players get used to the brutal difficulty that this series is known for. I just hope that they’re prepared to die… a lot.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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