Dead Rising 3

While Dead Rising 3 has been rumored to be in development since 2011, we now have some proof that it might actually exist. This is according to the resume of an employee for Blur Studio, a company who handles visual effects and animation for things like game cinematics and trailers.

The LinkedIn resume reveals that the employee worked on a Dead Rising 3 game cinematic in 2012, which is interesting to say to the least. The resume in question has since been changed and the Dead Rising 3 reference is no longer there, possibly due to the guy getting a call from a certain Japanese developer. Thankfully All Games Beta was able to capture the evidence in time, and a screenshot of the Dead Rising 3 reference can be found below.

Dead Rising 3

All we know about a possible third game in the zombie series is that it’s rumored to take place in a fictional California town called “Los Perdidos,” and that players might be in the shoes of a new main character named Rick. While there has been no official confirmation from Capcom on the matter, usually these listings are very revealing in terms of upcoming games. We might just see an announcement at this year’s E3 if we’re lucky.

Source: LinkedIn via IGN

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