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If you thought that Fire Emblem: Awakening wasn’t serious enough, then this new commercial should help. This isn’t just some game you poor peons, this is game that deals with life and death itself! Every decision you make in Awakening will haunt you until your death bed, and then after you die Marth and Roy will never let you rest…

All seriousness aside, Fire Emblem: Awakening is one good looking game. The cutscenes are exciting and look highly cinematic, and the overall art style is eye pleasing. The in-game graphics and sprites also look very good and the gameplay appears to be as deep as ever. Perma-death is still a part of the game, but this time you can turn it off if you want a more relaxed experience. After all, not everyone can live with having digital blood on their hands.

The highly addictive strategy-RPG will arrive on Nintendo 3Ds on February 4, so you still some time to prepare yourself for all the bloodshed.

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