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A new batch of Xbox 720 rumors hit the web today, and this time they’re claiming that the system will always require an internet connection to function. This will apparently be used to stop second-hand games from making a splash on the system. In addition to this always online requirement, the rumors also confirm previous reports about the console’s included Blu-ray drive and hardware specs.

The claims come from a report by Edge, whose sources reveal that Microsoft’s next console is both powerful and pretty restrictive. The Xbox 720 will ship with a new version of Xbox Live that is said to be “integral” to the console and will heavily push online functionality. Microsoft, however, will still release games on physical media in the form of 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs, since the format is now standard. These physical copies come with a catch, though.

The games purchased on discs will allegedly come with activation codes that will make them useless to anyone after you. This is similar to the patent Sony filed a while ago in their attempt to possibly limit the used games market. The source also went on to confirm that the rumored specs leaked a few weeks ago are accurate, stating that the system does indeed have an AMD eight-core CPU, a DirectX 11.x 800Mhz graphics card, and 8GB of DDR memory. An improved Kinect is also said to be shipping alongside the system, and the hard drive size is still unknown.

Furthermore, Edge says that a number of development sources have claimed that while both the PS4 and next Xbox have architectures similar to PC’s, Sony’s solution is superior in terms leveraging power. Microsoft is rumored to be forcing studios to use only approved development tools and libraries, while Sony is giving developers free reign to really tap into their hardware. The operating system found on the next Xbox is also said to be “more oppressive” than the one found on the PS4.

Some of the claims above are believable, but others–like the blocking of used games–are harder to swallow and will certainly cause an uproar among gamers if true. We’ll have to wait for Microsoft’s official announcement to confirm whether any of this is true. Sony, though, looks like it will beat them to the punch with the upcoming PlayStation event set for February 20.

Source: Edge

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