After months of rumor and speculation, Sony today finally revealed their newest console, the PlayStation 4. The system was given the royal treatment by being announced at its own PlayStation Meeting event in New York that was live streamed over the internet to over 500k viewers. Besides the PS4, Sony also made various announcements regarding upcoming games for the system and what next gen will be all about for the company.

Here’s what we know so far about the PlayStation 4 from today’s presentation. Lead system architect is Mark Cerny. PS4 will be more connected than any previous console by Sony and was crafted by the ideas of game developers. It will have a supercharged PC architecture, X86 CPU, an enhanced PC GPU, 8GB GDDR5 unified memory, and a local HDD.

It will have the brand new DualShock 4 controller. Will have increased rumble capability, a share button, a light bar to identify players, and a touchpad on the back. It will also use a 3D camera to track the depth of the controller. Sony showed off Unreal Engine 4 running in real-time on the system as well, which was quite impressive. PC world will be very compatible with the PS4 according to Sony.

PS4 will be able to suspend games and offers a second processing chip. Digital games will be able to play while downloading. Users can also share videos and screenshots to the community. Spectating is also supported. The PS4 will have a completely redesigned user interface that is very consumer focused and made with social interaction in mind.

The PlayStation Network hopes to be the “fastest game network in the world.” Gaikai integration allows for instant trials of any game. Facebook and UStream are included. By pressing the Share button, you can instantly let your friends see you play or even let them help you by taking over your controller. Remote Play capability through the PS Vita, similar to Wii U. Gameplay is said to be snappy and immediate.

PS4 services include many PS3 favorites like Netflix, Neon Alley, Amazon Video and many more. PS3 titles aren’t natively supported on PS4, aka no backwards compatibility. Instead, the PS4 will allow players to stream PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on the console. While no price and no console was shown, a tentative release window of Holiday 2013 was given for the console.

Source: Sony

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