Vampire Knight

Matsuri Hino’s Vampire Knight manga will end its nine year run in May. The announcement broke on the April issue of LaLa magazine this past Saturday. According to this issue, Hino will end her manga in the July issue on May 24. Vampire Knight tells the story of a young woman named Yuki who attends a school for both humans and vampires. The humans take the day classes and the vampires the night courses. Together with the school principal try to find a way for humans and vampires to coexist peacefully. This a story full of secrets and passions.

Vampire Knight began its serialization in LaLa in 2004, and last month the manga entered its climax. There was an anime adaptation of Vampire Knight released back in April 2008. The anime was directed by Kyoko Sayama (Pretear, Skip Beat!) and was animated by Studio Deen. A sequel called Vampire Knight: Guilty followed that same year in October. Viz holds the license for both the anime and manga in North America.

Source: Manga News via ANN

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