It’s only been 6 days since Sony unveiled the PS4, but news regarding the console and its games have yet to let up. The latest scoop comes once again from President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, who says that all 12 Sony-owned first-party studios are currently hard at work on PS4 titles.

Yoshida was asked the following by IGN, “Is it fair to say that all of the first party studios are working on PS4 games?” He simply responded with, “Is it fair or not fair? It is fair to say.” A strange way to answer the question, but either way his response confirms that we can expect a number of franchises to appear on the PlayStation 4.

With first-party studios like Naughty Dog, Polyphony Digital and Media Molecule all working on PS4 games, it’s not too far-fetched that we will soon be hearing about Uncharted 4, Gran Turismo 6, or a new Little Big Planet. And of course, we already know about some of the games in development like inFamous: Second Son by Sucker Punch and Killzone: Shadow Fall by Guerrilla Games.

If all goes well then the PS4 will definitely have a good number of exclusives for its launch window and beyond.

Source: IGN

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