The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Thought the previous Witcher games were too short for you? With The Witcher 3, the developer CD Projekt RED proclaimed a whooping 100 hrs of gameplay. 50hrs will be dedicated to the storyline, while the remaining 50 involves side quests and the like. This will basically make the game a full time job for some.

“All threads of this player-crafted tale interact with each other and the world, creating an even more nonlinear experience than ever before. The main narrative accounts for around 50 hours of gameplay in one playthrough, and the additional stories add another 50 hours of role playing, giving around 100 hours of total gaming time.”

New screenshots of The Witcher 3 were also shown off today that take place on the islands of Skellige. The developers do point out, though, that these are from an earlier version of the game and are not using their new rendering technology which will be in the final product. You can see a couple of screenshots below, but visit the game’s site to see the rest and at max resolution for some real eye-candy.

The Witcher 3 will be available in 2014 for “all high-end platforms,” and of course that includes Sony’s PlayStation 4.


Source: CD Projekt RED

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