Giant Squid Studios

Matt Nava was the art director for thatgamecompany’s Journey and Flower and helped to create beautiful and memorable worlds. He recently left the studio to pursue other things, and one of these has been to start his very own development studio called Giant Squid. Two days ago he revealed the news via his Twitter and revealed the studio’s official website.

So far Giant Squid hasn’t revealed anything regarding their first project, but apparently they’re hard at work. Their mission is to “to create artistic games that deliver beautiful, meaningful, and timeless experiences to a wide range of people,” which sounds a lot like his former studio’s outlook. Giant Squid also plans “to create innovative and deeply moving games that will inspire players, challenge convention, and push the boundaries of experiential and narrative interactive entertainment into new and unexpected areas.”

In addition to Matt Nava’s creative direction, the studio also has the talent of Nicholas Clark in the form of an advisor. Clark is a former member of thatgamecompany as well, and helped to create Flow, Flower, and Journey for the PS3. Finally, famed composer¬†Austin Wintory is on board for the music, so we can expect the studio’s first game to sound¬†fantastic.

We don’t know much else for now, but when Giant Squid announces their first title, we’ll definitely be there to cover it.

Source: Twitter, Giant Squid Studios via GameInformer

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