Watch Dogs

The lead designer for Watch Dogs has left Ubisoft in order to work for EA, according to his LinkedIn profile. Jamie Keen previously acted as lead game designer on Far Cry 3 last year and was working on the highly anticipated Watch Dogs at Ubisoft Montreal. His profile says he left the studio in February in order to join EA Gothenburg (Ghost Games) as a gameplay producer instead.

This won’t be a huge transition for Keen as he did work for EA long before joining Ubisoft. He was an associate producer on Battlefield 1942 and Crysis from 2001-2004, as well as a producer on Battlefield Bad Company (2005-2008) and Syndicate (2008-2010). His new role at Ghost Games will have him working on a next gen Need For Speed title with Criterion that has yet to be announced.

When asked for confirmation from Ubisoft over Keen’s departure, a representative for the company says that they are “unable to comment” on his status. No word yet on whether or not this will affect the development of Watch Dogs, which is set to hit all major platforms later this year.

Source: LinkedIn via VideoGamer

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