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The talented team behind a number of live-action DayZ fan films is back with a new season that’s better than ever. DDay Hollywood began releasing numerous parody videos last year after DayZ went viral on the internet. They were witty and well written, poking fun at all the various oddities in the ArmA 2 mod. They wrapped up season 1 back in December with a hilarious blooper reel and promised a new season for early this year.

That new season has arrived, and with it comes a brand new name and direction. Dubbed Apocalypse DayZ, the show will bring back all the lovable characters from the first season and combine them into one overarching story involving a hacker who has taken over their DayZ server. The show still maintains its dry humor and subtle references to the game, but the production values, visual effects, and pretty much everything else has skyrocketed.

Episode 1 can be seen above and stars writer and director Xtian Bretz, along with YouTubers Tay Zonday and Lauren Francesca. It sets up the general plot moving forward and shows off some nice cinematography. The newly added CG zombies also look great and help to bring the world of DayZ to life. All of these improvements, however, are quite expensive and time consuming so DDay Hollywood is reaching out to fans for support through crowd funding.

They’ve set up a campaign over at Indiegogo and fans can donate what they can in order to help make the web series as good as it can possibly be. Contributors will also be given some nice perks for helping out, such as autographed props, a thank you on their website, and even your name during the credits of the last episode of season 2. So if you like what you see, definitely throw a couple of dollars their way so we can see even more of it.

P.S. We had Xtian Bretz on our podcast a while back and had a pretty awesome time, click here to listen to that episode.

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