They went from one of the most controversial developers of 2012, to a “drunken uncle” (as called by our own Maken Biscuits), and now, to create a new idea. BioWare, the developer behind highly successful franchises like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and the Star Wars RPGs are already hard at work on a new IP. The news was revealed this past Saturday at a PAX East Mass Effect panel by the franchise’s executive producer Casey Hudson. His team at BioWare Edmonton are working with BioWare’s Senior Creative Director Preston Watamaniuk on the new property.

Hudson did not share any other details regarding development and release. Your guess is a good as mine as to what this new IP will entail. That being said, Hudson did reveal that a whole new universe similar to the one in Mass Effect will be created from scratch.

Bear in mind that BioWare is also working ardently on the next Mass Effect (in which Hudson will also serve as executive producer), as well as the new Dragon Age. Perhaps, they really are looking for acceptance once again, after disappointing fans to no end with the finale of Mass Effect 3. Perhaps a new IP could very well renew their fans’ devotion in their creative potential, since we all know quite well that the majority of their projects become exponentially large (in one way or another) in the video game industry.

Source: IGN

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