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Rain is a unique new adventure game that is coming exclusively to PS3 sometime this year. In it you play a young boy who becomes invisible after seeing a girl’s¬†silhouette in the rain. He goes after her to find out what’s happened, but he is quickly attacked by invisible creatures that are just like him. The only way he can be seen is to walk in the rain, otherwise he will be completely transparent.

Up until now we only had a brief glimpse of what the gameplay for Rain would be like, but Sony has released a brand new trailer with 6-minutes of new footage. We get to see the invisible mechanic in action, the girl in question, as well as the way the creatures stalk the main character. The game’s soundtrack is also highlighted, which features some very nice classical pieces like Clair de Lune by French composer Claude Debussy.

A very interesting looking title so far, and one that will continue to strengthen Sony’s library of original PSN games like Journey and The Unfinished Swan.

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