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The famed author of the highly popular light novel Zero no Tsukaima has passed away. Author Noboru Yamaguchi was only 41 years old and was planning on wrapping up the series on Media Factory’s Kadokawa Sneaker, where the entire story had been published since its inception. Media Factory’s MF Bunko J Editor-in-Chief Taiji Misaka announced on April 10 of Yamaguchi’s passing, since he passed on April 4. Yamaguchi had been battling cancer since 2011, when he first revealed that he had an advanced-stage cancer not operable at the time.

Eventually Yamaguchi would go under gallstone surgery in which his doctors realized his cancer tumor had shrunk in size, effectively allowing his tumor to be operated. However, Yamaguchi was readmitted to the hospital in late 2011. Yamaguchi returned to work briefly in 2012, before going on hiatus again as a result of his illness. He appreciated support from fans and vowed to return to work once he began to recover. He was operated again in November last year.

Zero no Tsukaima spawned four anime series adaptations, the side manga Zero’s Familiar, several other side manga and light novels, three video games for the PS2, and 20 published volumes of the original light novel. Yamaguchi had planned 22 altogether. Zero no Tsukaima F was the final anime the story inspired released in January 2012.

Source: ANN

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