weeaboos with a podcast ep. 62

Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lewd, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended by dark humor, foul language, and rampant sexism, then stay far, far away. You have been warned.

On this week’s episode: we record past someone’s bedtime and they end up falling asleep live on air. We also play Resident Evil: Revelations and have a spoiler heavy discussion on Aku no Hana Ep.8. Afterwards we welcome back our dear friend Skittles as we discuss the privacy issues with the new always on, always listening Kinect 2.o and even start telling creepy stories for no apparent reason. Finally we dish our thoughts on this week’s notable news like Square Enix changing its approach to game development, Nintendo’s promises for E3, and the newly formed indie studio by former L.A. Noire developers.

Anime/Manga of the Week: None

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Intro: Jigglypuff’s Song – Pokemon TV Series.

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[Managing Editor] I love video games and have been playing since the SNES days. My favorite titles include Metroid II, BioShock, Resident Evil 4 and Left 4 Dead. I'm an avid internet junkie and gifted in the ways of computers, but don't ask me to fix yours. Also a big fan of indie movies and anime.