It looks like Respawn Entertainment’s new game Titanfall just couldn’t stay under the radar until E3 next week. The first details on this new next gen first-person shooter were leaked through July’s issue of Game Informer, which was accidentally released early through the Google Play Store. Titanfall will be coming exclusively to the Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 version also in the works by another developer. The game will be a multiplayer focused shooter.

According to the details posted on NeoGAF, Titanfall will make use of Microsoft’s powerful cloud technology for a number things like dedicated servers, physics, and AI calculations. Players will be able to control huge mechs called Titans in fast-paced combat, as well as control human pilots on the ground and use hit and run tactics. It will run on a modified version of the Source Engine and promises 60 FPS gameplay. Titanfall is set to release in Spring 2014. Expect an official reveal next week during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference.

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