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Mickey Mouse is back in Castle of Illusion, a modern day remake of the classic platformer for the Sega Genesis. In this latest E3 trailer, we get to see how Sega has completely re-imagined the game from the ground up. It has brand new 3D graphics in a 2.5D perspective, and each level from the original has been brought back to life. The game will also feature brand new challenges for the famous mouse to tackle. It’s also worth noting that this remake is being developed under the supervision of the game’s original director, Emiko Yamamoto.

Castle of Illusion, along with the recently announced DuckTails: Remastered, shows that there is definitely a demand and a market for remakes of classic games from our childhoods. These games carry a lot of nostalgia for many players, and it’s nice to see developers paying respect to some of the titles that helped this industry grow to the point it’s at today. Castle of Illusion will be out for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and Steam this summer.

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