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The Toonami block on Adult Swim continues to grow rapidly. Just recently we saw it pull in massive ratings with shows like Bleach and One Piece, and now two new shows are joining the family. First up is Sword Art Online, a 2012 anime based on a series of popular light novels in Japan. It tells the story of a group of players who jack into a virtual reality massively multiplayer online game and are then trapped there by its creator. To gain their freedom they must defeat the game’s final boss, but if they die in the game then they die for real.

While similar to Kōichi Mashimo’s .hack//Sign series, Sword Art Online focuses more on the psychological impact that virtual worlds have on humans, as well as the kinds of relationships that are formed in such places. It’s also a lot more than action packed than the slower paced, dialogue heavy .hack//Sign. Sword Art Online will debut on Toonami on July 27 at 2:00AM EDT/PDT, and will replace ThunderCats. Also joining the block is Big O Season 2, which originally aired on Adult Swim over a decade ago. It will premiere at 3:30AM EDT/PDT that same night, taking over Sym-Bionic Titan‘s position.

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The updated schedule for Toonami starting on July 27 will now look like this:

12:00AM Bleach

12:30AM Naruto Uncut

01:00AM One Piece

01:30AM Soul Eater

02:00AM Sword Art Online

02:30AM IGPX

03:00AM Eureka 7

03:30AM Big O Season 2

04:00AM Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

04:30AM Cowboy Bebop

05:00AM Inuyasha

05:30AM Inuyasha

Source: Toonami Tumblr

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