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Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lewd, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended by dark humor, foul language, and rampant lunacy, then stay far, far away. You have been warned.

On this week’s episode: we put on our swim suits and take a dive into the pool as we discuss one of this summer’s hottest new anime, Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club by Kyoto Animation. Listen in to find out what we think about the show’s all male cast, its homoerotic undertones, potential and more. Also, we answer the question on the minds of many: is Free! just fan service for all the yaoi fan girls out there? Spoiler: it’s not. Afterwards, we discuss Nintendo’ stance on laying off employees, their bad cafeteria food, and ZombiU‘s terrible sales numbers. Finally, we take a quick look at the latest gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V and the newly announced limited edition for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster.

Anime/Manga of the Week: Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club

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Intro: ¿Dónde está la vida? by Francisco Cespedes. Copyright 2000 WMG.

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