Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will allow users to start playing digital games even as they download. After getting the first few necessary files, players can jump straight into the game and play it while it finishes downloading in the background. Microsoft had already confirmed back in May during the reveal of the Xbox One that it could achieve this with disc-based games while they installed to the hard drive (which is now mandatory). Now we know it will apply to games from Xbox Live as well.

This now puts the Xbox One on equal footing with Sony’s PlayStation 4 in this regard. Sony confirmed just last week that their console lets you play as you download too, in addition to letting you play while your game installs to the hard drive. It’s a nice convenience feature that may not seem like a big deal now, but will likely save all of us plenty of hours in the long run that we’ll be able to use to keep playing our favorite games. It’s very nice to see that both companies will be supporting this option.

Source: Polygon

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