Summer Wars

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On this week’s episode: Yomaru gives his first impressions on the demo for Rayman Legends, while Dotta revisits her JRPG addiction by finally getting her hands on Tales of Xillia. Afterwards, we celebrate the spirit of summer the only way we know how, by watching Mamoru Hosoda’s lighthearted science fiction adventure Summer Wars. Is this the best film the Japanese director has made so far? Also, how relevant is the threat of cyber-terrorism to our modern day world that is more and more connected each day? Finally, we wrap up the show with some notable news such as Microsoft dropping the mandatory Kinect requirement for Xbox One, Mark of the Ninja’s new DLC pack, the Kickstarter for the indie JRPG Project Phoenix, the latest on The Wonderful 101, GTA V’s ambitious multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online, and Space Dandy, the newest show from the creators of Cowboy Bebop.

Anime/Manga of the Week: Summer Wars

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Here’s the breakdown:

00:11:22 – Tales of Xillia
00:19:01 – Rayman Legends
00:24:34 – Summer Wars
00:57:18 – Kinect goes optional
01:07:16 – Mark of the Ninja DLC
01:09:02 – Project Phoenix
01:17:25 – The Wonderful 101
01:20:25 – Grand Theft Auto Online
01:25:02 – Space Dandy

Intro: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Garnet (Hikigatari) by Hanako Oku.

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