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Fable Legends, the next entry in the Microsoft exclusive RPG series, will be around for quite a while if all goes well. According to Lionhead Studios boss John Needham, their plan is to keep the game going on Xbox One for five to ten years. In order to accomplish this they will be tapping into the console’s strengths, such as the Xbox Live infrastructure and cloud computing. “We’re playing the long game with this,” said Needham, making Fable Legends sound like it will be more of an MMO than a traditional console role-playing game.

“This is the next big Fable game that is going to be out for five to ten years so it needs to be big, it needs to be interesting,” he said. “There needs to be a lot of stuff to do, it needs to integrate all the cloud and Xbox One features so we keep our community alive and growing. So yeah, it’s big and ambitious, but it needs to be because it’s going to be around a long time.” Also adding later that, “We love games like Dark Souls with these really unique online modes and we really want to play with that in Fable Legends.”

Needham went on to clarify that just because Fable Legends will be their main priority, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing the studio will be working on. In addition to Legends, they’re currently working on the Fable Anniversary HD remaster for Xbox 360 which has been pushed back until February 2014. The studio also has a group dedicated to brainstorming new ideas for games. While we currently don’t know when Fable Legends will open its doors to those seeking adventure in the world of Albion, Lionhead has revealed that a beta for the game will launch sometime next year.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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